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KBM Media Solutions provides bespoke marketing services,
specialising in impactful web development, web design, digital marketing and content development.

Our Services

Training in
Digital Marketing

Learn Digital Media techniques from our certified trainers upskill yourself or your employees.
Promote your brand, products and services using digital distribution and social media channels
to reach your desired target audiences in an effective manner.

Our Trainings

Apprenticeships and
Levy Funded Trainings

Our digital marketing apprenticeships prepare you for the ever evolving world of marketing.
Though digital campaigns, understand your customers and influence their behaviour.



What We Offer

We are specialists in the Digital Marketing and Technology Skills sector, providing a full suite of marketing and learning services to a large number of clients globally. We also provide Practical Training in Digital Marketing for individuals and corporate sectors. Our goal is to help you build and develop your marketing capability, rapidly and affordably.

Social media , digital media, SEO

Create & Inspire

We pride ourselves on our years of experience in creating and delivering results for our clients that inspire and connect with their audiences.

Strategy & Result focused

Using technology to bring your vision to life, growing your online presence through improved web design and brand development.

Growth & Success

Inspire and captivate audiences through impactful design and messages.

Passionate & Dedicated

Our dedicated team is here to assist you every step of the way.

KBM Media Practical Training

Our certified trainers provide a range of Practical Training in Digital Marketing skills, offering learners actual work experience with industry experts.

KBM delivers extensive practical training programs to transform learners into a complete digital marketer with expertise in multiple digital channels and domains: Search Engine optimisation, Social Media, Pay-per-click, Digital Analytics, Content, Mobile and Email Marketing.

Available both online and classroom based, government funding options are also available for a number of the trainings we offer.

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Media Practical Training

KBM Media Solutions

We are dedicated to providing you with great marketing results for your unique business needs by planning a tailored-made digital marketing strategy to reach your goals.

KBM Media Solutions

We do our best work with clients when we have:

  • A unified goal and vision for the project. Everyone understands the objectives and collaborates towards our shared goal.
  • Access to senior stakeholders/business owners to discuss and make strategic decisions.
  • A dedicated client product owner to set high standards for ourselves and expect the same from people around us.
  • Common values of respect and collaboration. While the scope of any project may sometimes seem daunting, we will guide you through them and meet any challenges together.
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Digital Marketing Training

Delivered by a London-based Marketing Agency, our digital marketing courses offer students a blended learning experience (online courses with live sessions / video tutorials and classroom based). We offer the most sought after digital skills and knowledge in the Digital Marketing Industry to help your career or business. The programme comprises of Digital Marketing Techniques such as Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, SEO fundamentals, understanding Google Analytics and its impact of your Digital Marketing Campaigns.

The programme comprises of Digital Marketing Techniques such as Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, SEO fundamentals, understanding Google Analytics and its impact of your Digital Marketing Campaigns. Our Digital Marketing certification will provide digital marketing fundamentals in Social Media, Email Marketing campaigns, online advertising, content marketing and many more. ..... Read more

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Digital Marketing Training

Digital Marketing Apprenticeships

digital marketing apprenticeship

KBM is a registered apprenticeship training provider (RoATP) specialising in digital marketing apprenticeships with a track record of maximizing ROI (Return on Investment) for both levy paying and non-levy paying employers (SMEs). We also provide free recruitment services to match the best candidates from our pool of pre-trained learners.

Apprenticeships are a great way to tailor an employee’s skill sets to meet the demands of your business. Having apprentices is also a clear indicator to your stakeholders that you care about training, development and career progression of your employees.

KBM now offers fully-funded training for SMEs through our partnership with London Progression Collaboration in support of reskilling the recovery from the impact of Covid-19. Your existing employees may also qualify for our funded-trainings. ..... Read more

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